Cargo Claims Management

Cargo Claims Management

ICS handles cargo claims that occur during the transportation of goods for insurers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and carriers.

ICS specializes in cargo claims management, especially of cars. We inspect, assess and settle cargo damage claims for some of the largest car manufacturers in the world whose cars arrive at their destination with damages.

Our cargo damage department manages to:

-Collect the damage claims from the local importers along with   the corresponding transport documents (CMR).

-Identify the exact point of the transport   where the claim was made and the liable party.

-Estimate the value of the damage.

-Repair the vehicle before delivery to the new customer.

-Send the relevant invoices to the insurer

-Manage the recourse from the liable carrier

ICS’s cargo claims department is made up of experienced claims handlers and adjusters who specialize in cargo claims, with the aim of providing the best possible service to the client.

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