Motor Claims Management

Motor Claims Management

Imperial Claims Services has more than half a century of experience in the settlement of motor claims and has adapted its services to all changes in claims management brought either by law or by technological developments. Imperial Claims was a pioneer in some of these changes, being the first claims management company in Greece to offer its clients a web claims platform or to introduce electronic pricing tools for the valuation of damaged vehicles or to obtain ISO certifications for its claims handling services and claims procedures.

With its own legal team, with a team of experts, with an inhouse anti-fraud department and with clear and certified procedures, Imperial Claims is able to handle any type of motor claim, complex or standard, and to offer a tailor-made solution to any client who has a small or large motor claims portfolio to manage.

Our internally developed IT platform, used by many of our clients on a daily basis, provides them with transparency and real-time information on the exact status of each car claim that we settle in their favor.

Below, you can find the motor claims services that we provide to our clients.


Outsourcing of Claims Activities

Imperial Claims has worked with insurers by taking over the settlement of part or all of their motor claims portfolio on a permanent or temporary basis due to the high turnover of their business volumes or due to staff illness or for any other business purposes.

Our clients rely on our extensive experience and solid reputation in claims handling because they want to focus on areas such as sales, underwriting or marketing, or because they want to reduce their claims costs by benefiting from our international experience in fraud prevention.

With us, they know that they can rely on the largest and most trusted claims management company in the South East part of Europe, from the first notification of the claim to the final settlement.

Multinational insurers and insurance associations selling policies through the Freedom of Services (FoS) regime are particularly keen to outsource their claims activities, at least in the early stages of the development of their motor claims portfolio.

Our completely renewed software enables our partner companies to monitor the development of their claims resulted from car accident online from anywhere, 24/7, while collecting statistics on reserves, costs, and volumes.


Settlement of International Claims
Green Card and 4th Motor Directive Claims

For many decades we have settled thousands of international motor claims on behalf of insurance companies and associations, Guarantee Funds and compensation bodies by helping victims of foreign motorists to get compensated.

We have the honor of being trusted by more than 300 European insurance companies who have appointed us as their correspondent in the countries where we have a presence, as well as by international claims management groups who work with us for decades.

We also act as our clients’ coordination center for their international claims and take full responsibility for the settlement of their international claims, working closely with their appointed correspondent in each country.

In addition, through our network of respected partners, we can advise companies on the nomination of the best correspondents and representatives (4th MID) in all countries of the EU.


Claims Audit

Imperial Claims Services provides claims audit services to insurers and reinsurers seeking advice from an independent, external claims assessor.

In this area we work closely with the Internal Audit Department of the insurance company which is settling claims and we offer two main services:

  • Examination of files already identified as fraudulent by the Internal Audit Department of the insurer or reinsurer and seeks to obtain the opinion of an independent expert who is not only knowledgeable in claims management and fraud detection but has also technical skills to prove it.
  • Conducting regular annual audits on a randomly selected sample of files to assess the quality of the claims handling processes within the claims department and recommend improvements and cross-checks in the workflow. An audit report is provided with our findings that confirm to third parties that the claims process is the appropriate one.

ICS, through experienced experts in the field of fraud detection and analysis, along with the use of advanced software in fraud analysis and adherence to the client’s internal policies, evaluates and analyzes all data in the claims files identified by the client as files of high interest for review.

We have worked on projects investigating not only cases of fraudulent claims, but also cases of inflated ones where the prices charged for the spare parts or labor works were found not to correlate to the claimed damages on the involved vehicle. Electronic databases connected with car manufacturers along with technical expertise is necessary for projects of this kind.


Claims Consulting Services

Imperial, with more than 50 years of claims experience, advises insurers who wish to establish a new claims management department based on professional and certified with ISO procedures or who already have one established and want to improve its performance by taking advantage of modern techniques in claims handling.

We start from the insurer’s underwriting strategy and the synthesis of its risk portfolio and then advise it on the structure of a competent claims department to successively deal with the claims generated from this portfolio.

With an eye to cost efficiency and quality, we define the process and prescribe how small and high frequency claims should be settled and what procedures should be followed for more complex claims where higher amounts are payable.

Imperial advises insurers on the proper use of technology, but also on the cross-checking and monitoring that should be done by the human factor.

FOS insurance companies who outsourced to us their claims department when entered into the market trust us again when the claims volume leads them to the decision to establish an in house claims department.



We help our customers to recover the amounts paid by them –due to a contractual obligation or because of any other reason – from the liable party that caused the damage.

Our claim handlers and legal team examine the validity of the recovery claim by assessing the liability issue and the legal framework for each specific case, the extent of the damage and the best available ways for a fast and efficient recovery of the outlays. We have a result-oriented approach trying to settle these claims out of court in an amicable way by avoiding any further legal expenses. Our legal team undertakes to proceed to all the legal negotiations and actions whenever it’s necessary to defend the interests of our customers in the best possible way in front or out of the Courts.

We also undertake to manage the legal protection portfolio of claims of insurers offering high quality services.


Run-Off Motor Claims

We take the responsibility to settle the outstanding and upcoming claims of portfolios which no longer generate premium income.

Our claims handlers and expert lawyers are in a position to forecast and determine the reserves which should be allocated for the run-off portfolio of claims making a wise plan of payments.  In parallel, we undertake the claims handling and settlement of the outstanding claims with the aim to help our customers fulfill their commitments towards the third parties and their insureds while we aim to minimize the costs of the run-off procedure and improve the service level until the termination of run-off.

Insurance companies and guarantee funds have trusted us the run-off of their claims portfolio relying on our experience, integrity and specialization in run-off services.

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