Travel Claims Management

Travel Claims Management

We manage and settle travel claims on behalf of all parties involved in a travel claim (individuals, carriers, travel agents, hotel industry).

Our travel claims services include the settlement of property damage and personal injury claims as well as the reimbursement of ticket, medical expenses along with the legal protection related with the claim process.


Flight Claims Services

In the area of airline claims, it is our job to assist our clients in processing their claims and to use our expertise to help them obtain the compensation to which they are entitled under air passenger law.

Through ICS’s partnership with Flight Claims EU in Greece, you will benefit from the help of our team of world-leading travel regulation experts, while we provide you with a fast, user-friendly and simple process for submitting your claim through FCEU’s digital platform.


Was your flight delayed, cancelled, or were you denied boarding? 

EU Regulation 261/2004 allows you to claim compensation and refunds for all these types of disruption. Compensation ranges from €250 to €600 per person, with additional reimbursement of the expenses related with the disruption of your flight.

The relevant regulation, including 261/2004, applies in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries and is aimed primarily at providing a high level of protection for passengers – it even ensures that passengers are provided with food, accommodation and transport on request if the flight leaves two or more hours later than scheduled. If airlines fail to comply, refunds and/or compensation can be legally enforced.

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