Accidents involving a foreign plated vehicle.

What to do? How to proceed?

Few tips and steps to follow:

A. If the accident had bodily injuries besides the material damages caused to the vehicles involved, report the accident immediately by using the emergency line in your country; wait at the place of accident until arrival of the police units, DO NOT modify the vehicles positions and DO NOT leave the place of accident. In case of severe injuries, try to assist and grant first aid to the injured persons. If you are a foreign visitor in the country of accident, take photos with the location and vehicles. The police units will attend the place of accidents and issue the necessary documentation.

B. If the accident resulted only with material damages and only two vehicles involved, then the procedure is rather simple:

1. Fill in the amiable report form

2. Data exchange between the persons involved: policies (if the case), photos of the vehicles involved, data of the drivers involved contact possibilities (If a policy of the responsible driver is available, then the Insurer’s data of the responsible vehicle are available (contact possibilities), check on the verso of the Green Card/- insurance policy and you’ll trace the website of the Motor Insurance Bureau – access it and look for the Correspondent of the respective Insurance Company of the responsible vehicle in your country)

3. Once the Correspondent has been identified, their contact data are available as well and you should only notify the claim via e-mail providing the main data of the accident, such as: data of accident, place of accident, responsible vehicle plate, your contact possibilities and most important that amiable report form, completed by the two drivers.

Do not forget to take pictures of the presumed responsible vehicle, revealing the registration plate especially when no insurance policy is available.

4. When no insurance policy can be provided by the responsible driver and no data of the respective Insurer can be registered in the amiable report form, then identify the country where that vehicle is presumed registered – easier identification via / Select Country / Search and access either the Green Card Bureau or the Information Centre (example of a link….to the Motor Insurers Bureau) in your country, provide them with the data of the responsible vehicle as many details of
the accident as possible and the Information Centre will identify the respective Insurer and direct you to the Insurer’s Correspondent or claims representative, after case by providing you the necessary contact possibilities.

5. Once your claim being registered by the Correspondent of the respective Insurer of the liable vehicle, the procedure will be rather simple and similar to any domestic claim; the settlement process and reimbursement for the caused damages will be performed by that Correspondent, who acts on behalf of the Third Party Liability Insurer of the responsible vehicle and handles the claim based on the legislation of the country where the accident occurred. The identifying procedure of the settlement office (the entity who will handle the claim on behalf of the Insurer of the responsible vehicle) is the same either for severe accidents resulted with bodily injuries or involving only material damages.

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