About Us

Who we are

Imperial has been present in the Greek insurance industry for more than 50 years. Back in 1959, the late Savvas Tzanis, founder of the company, became the legal representative in Greece of the British insurance company Reliance Marine Insurance Co.

In 1971, he established the General Insurance Company Imperial Hellas S.A. Two decades after, Imperial decided to exploit the great experience it had acquired in the settlement of its own insurance claims by becoming the Green Card correspondent of foreign insurers in Greece.

Our company settled the claims of its partners in the very same way it handled its own claims for many decades using the same loyal and well tried network of experts, lawyers and medical doctors. Due to the rapid increase of our business, a specialised company in Loss Adjusting, Imperial Claims Services was set up, in 1999. It acquired an unrivalled reputation in the Greek market and became the official partner in Greece and other Balkan countries of the well known International Loss Adjusting Group DEKRA Claims Services. Imperial also partners in Greece with the International Loss Adjusting Group InterEurope A.G.

In 2009, Imperial Claims Services established in Tirana, Albania its affiliate company “Imperial Claims Services Albania” with the support and partnership of DEKRA Claims Services, InterEurope and AVUS Group. Imperial Claims Services Albania is the market leader in Albania.

In 2019 Imperial Claims Services established in Romania another branch “Imperial Claims Services Romania” after encouragement of its clients which recognized the innovative services that ICS offers and they wanted to have the same high quality of services in more countries.

Today, our company is a leading Loss Adjusting Firm that enjoys the trust of more than 300 insurance companies. Due to our geographical position, we have a significant presence in the Balkan region and we have strong ties with the insurance companies that are active there.