How do we work?

We respect our people and the difficulty of their job.

We know that claims handling is not an easy job. On the contrary, it is a very sensitive and difficult job that requires the claims handlers to possess many mental and psychological skills. Good claims handlers must speak many languages, be smart and acute, have well developed communication skills, remain calm when negotiating, be passionate about their work and be willing to settle the claims economically and fairly.

We give our people initiatives and we provide them with all the necessary technological tools to perform in the best possible way. We work in a modern and pleasant environment where every employee has a spacious and comfortable work station and where continuous training on the developments of the Green Card system plays a vital role.

We ask from our employees:

To settle the claims very carefully and in close cooperation with our principals
To cross-check every detail in every file
To inform the claims handler of our partner as they would like to be informed if they were in their position
To collaborate with their colleagues and work as a team
To be active and not passive claims handlers.

An active claims handler, asks, controls, checks, negotiates, waits, invests great personal effort in the settlement of every file because he likes his job and is passionate about what he is doing.