Property Claims Management

Property Claims Management

Our company has been involved in the settlement of property claims, and has settled some of the largest and most complex property claims that have occurred in Greece.

We handle property claims from notification of loss to final settlement, but also advise on the underwriting strategy that should be followed when selecting risks to underwrite.

We provide claims management solutions for property losses on behalf of insurers, carriers and logistics companies, corporate clients and public organizations.

ICS has a wide network of experienced partners dealing with property damage such as electricians, mechanics and investigators who are available to our clients and provide high quality of services.

Our experts are trained to the highest level and perform scientific analysis of complex property claims using specialized scientific tools. They are members of the relevant list of courts and prosecutors of the courts of first instance and can help our clients defend their interests in the best possible way together with our legal department in cases of legal disputes and in complex cases where loss of income also needs to be calculated.

After investigating the facts of the case, we visit the scene of the accident, take the necessary measurements and proofs, discuss the case with the parties involved and inform our clients about the appropriate strategy that needs to be followed in every case for the best management and settlement based on the insurance policy and the applicable legal framework related with the liability and the particulars of each case.

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