Investigations and Analyses of Traffic Accidents

Investigations and Analyses of Traffic Accidents

After 50 years in the insurance business, Imperial has a selected and trusted network of Insurance Experts and investigators who are familiar with our business values and the high level of service we provide to our clients.

Our Expert Reports are produced using the most accurate and efficient electronic software (e.g. AI) which have the advantage of providing up to date prices for OEM spares. Discounts can then be provided by taking into account the age of the vehicle or by finally using used or imitated spare parts.

Our reports are translated into the language used by our customers so they understand exactly what is being replaced or repaired on each damaged vehicle or item.

In the field of claims services and appraisals, our company is honored to have earned the trust and long-term partnership of the Dekra Group, the world’s largest automotive appraisal company.

Some of Imperial’s experts have been trained at DEKRA’s academy with the aim of providing the high quality of service for which DEKRA is internationally renowned.

Dekra inspects more than 26 million cars annually in 60 countries and has the world’s largest database of potential defects that each car model exhibits based on the number of kilometers driven. We are able to provide you with the best and most accurate control of the car you are interested in using this base.

We measure the condition of used vehicles using the most up-to-date mechanical equipment and award them the DEKRA Quality Certificate, which serves as a symbol of the vehicle’s durability.

Among the services we provide are:

-Vehicle condition report (detailed report) and detailed review of maintenance costs. The report is available as a link or as a pdf file.

-Before they’re put up for sale, the required repairs are inspected for quality.

-Analysis of the costs of repairing cars that have been damaged in a car accident and workshop quality control of the repairs

OBD diagnosis using DEKRA’s exclusive software produced at the DEKRA Research Center in Germany (DEKRA ECU Diagnostics).


Expertise Before Insurance

We perform pre-insurance inspections on vehicles that have been ordered by insurance firms in order to check their insurability, document their actual condition in detail, photograph any harm, and generate a complete report assessing the vehicle’s actual insurable value.


What we offer: 

  • We determine the vehicle’s type and edition.
  • We describe the series’ accessories or added extras, as well as their cost.
  • For a fairer and more precise pricing of the policy by the insurer, accurate information on the condition of a vehicle and calculation of observable damages is needed.
  • Reduce wait times by using centralized management and mobile technology.
  • We give our customers real-time access to the details of the pre-insurance inspections that we carry on.


Where we conduct the inspections:

  • In the workshop that the insured or insurance provider has chosen
  • At home or at work

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