Road Traffic Accidents in Greece // 1st Semester of 2022

The Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) announced provisional data from the survey on “Road Traffic Accidents” for June 2022 and for the whole 1st semester of 2022 (January – June 2022).

As far as concerns the statistics for the whole 1st semester from January to June 2022 we observe that the traffic road accidents were increased by 21,5%, namely 5.383 road accidents against 4.430 in comparison with the 1st semester of 2021.

The casualties of the injury-causing accidents that occurred the period January – September 2022 were as follows: 282 deaths, 282 serious injuries and 5.952 slight injuries.

In contrast, the 1st semester of 2021 the corresponding figures were: 251 deaths, 247 serious injuries and 4.893 slight injuries. Therefore, road traffic accident casualties in 1st semester 2022 were increased by 12,4 % for deaths, by 14,2 % for serious injuries and by 21,6 % for slight injuries.

Source: Elstat (Hellenic Statistical Authority)